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take you down to paradise

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but its important

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+ you’re miles away +

i’m glad you exist, but i wish you existed closer to me

001. closer // tegan and sara 002. rivers and roads // the head + the heart 003. if i had a boat // james vincent mcmorrow 004. till kingdom come // coldplay 005. dare4distance // never shout never 006. the great divide // the mowgli’s 007. proof // paramore 008. miracle mile // cold war kids 009. write your name // selena gomez 010. fiction // the xx 011. under the same sun // ben howard 012. corner of your heart // ingrid michaelson 013. transatlanticism // death cab for cutie 014. bloom // the paper kites 015. autumn leaves // ed sheeran

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Did this today, pretty proud.

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Matt Shultz looking PERFECT en We Heart It.

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